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 Merrylands Rugby Extraordinary AGM 17/7/16

The Merrylands Rugby Club extraordinary general meeting was held on the 17/7/16 and was, by any ones standards, a raging success!

There was a heart warningly large turnout of players, coaches and supporters both old and new. And the final result couldn’t have turned out any better!

The outgoing Merrylands Rugby Senior Management team of President Jason Fulwood, Vice President Peter Macklin, Secretary Sandy Madsen and Coach Benjamin Davis have managed to pull together a literal who’s who of Merrylands folk law, a dream team of Merrylands leaders and administrators to take the reins of the club and steer the mighty Wolves back in to the light.

The new management team includes:

President Greg Cummings: Greg is the former Mayor of Holroyd and a former player and long-time official at the club. He’s acceptance of the roll of President is a massive win for the club.

Vice President Ross Stewart: Ross is one of Merrylands greatest ever players. Ross has been a member of the NSW Subbies board and has coached at Subbies Rep level.

Vice President Steve Beddingfield: Beddo is a true club legend. His career spanned over 30 years of rugby with the Wolves and was selected in the NSW Subbies Rep Team. Beddo is a retired Police officer and so brings a very useful set of skills to the table.

On top of these new appointments several established Committee members retained important roles including Luke Schofield as Treasurer and Laura Sturrock as Secretary.

All in all it was an awesome morning for the Wolves. It was excellent to see so many people from so many walks of life make the effort to turn up and show their love for Merrylands Rugby. But more importantly the voting was sure and precise and left the Wolves in a momentously strong position to get back to where the Wolves should be, on the field.

And on top of all this good news the Wolves now have two very strong, very capable applicants for the position of head coach as well as several new sponsors ready to jump on board, so stay tuned!






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